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Finishing up our discussion centering on the exterior of your home, I thought today we would finally cover what initially draws people into the world of vinyl siding. While we’ve talked about how much money vinyl siding can save you from the unremitting heating bills that have undoubtedly cropped up in your mailbox as of late, today we’ll get into the appearance. Homeowners love to imagine their home with a brand new custom color and texture, so let’s explore not only what’s available, but also how you can breathe brand new life into your home with any of the brilliant colors Protec offers.

What would your home look like with siding?

Have you ever found yourself bored with the current color of your home? Maybe you’re having trouble determining what color might be the right one for you. One question that follows us from house to house is, “I wish I could see what my house would like with a few of these colors before I made my final decision. Is there any way we could do that?” Well, wish no more, people! This very question was what drove the computer programmers at Exterior Portfolio to devise the technology we like to call Dream Designer.

Dream weaver

Dream Designer allows you the ability to enjoy seeing what your home would look like once covered with Protec siding. Feel free to swap out different colors and textures to effortlessly find what style of siding best fits your unique taste and personality. It’s simple! Just visit the Dream Designer portion of our website located at the following link http://rihi.com/vinyl-siding/vinyl-siding-dream-designer/ and begin experimenting with the entire line of siding. Once you’ve either uploaded a picture of your home or have selected one of our ready-made homes from our collection you’re ready to begin the process of transforming your home into the majestic palace about which you’ve always dreamed.

Following the fun you’ve had with the Dream Designer, give us a call at 401-739-1001. We’ll come out and show you just how easy it is to convert your home’s exterior from tired to terrific!

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