Fall HarvestWe don’t need the Farmer’s Almanac to tell us it’s harvest season, since our events calendar reveals two harvest-related shows this weekend. Come join us this Saturday and Sunday as we embrace the fall foliage found at the Jarvis Harvest in Walpole and the Newton Harvest located in … you guessed it: Newton. There’ll be plenty of pumpkin carving, face painting, and roof-replacement talking going on this weekend—so don’t miss out!  Make sure you grab your favorite tasty carbohydrate of your choosing at one of the numerous food trucks populating these shows before stopping by our RI Home Improvement Remote Booth. We’ll be showing everyone how our Protec roofing system will eliminate the term ice dam from your vocabulary this winter. Get in on the rush to replace that suspect roof before it leaves you no choice but to replace it!

Every now and then something spectacular grabs my attention when researching these various events in which we partake. The Jarvis Harvest did just that, as I had to make sure I was actually reading correctly that Human Foosball and Human Hungry Hungry Hippo events were taking place Saturday. Growing up in the ‘80s as I did, I cannot wait to witness these spectacles. I now find myself fantasizing about what other Reagan-era games would look like with a more human element involved. Maybe I’ll petition the Jarvis Harvest to institute Human Pong or Human Candy Land next year.

We’re especially excited to take part in the Newton Harvest Fair, considering the emphasis placed on energy efficiency at this year’s show.  Green Newton plans to share valuable information with those looking to shrink their carbon footprint.  Carbon footprint management falls right into our wheelhouse with our Energy Star certified replacement windows—not to mention our Protec siding and roofing. Fall is peak home improvement shopping season, so let’s do it!

Leaf peepers of the world unite and meet us in Massachusetts this weekend! If foliage frolicking isn’t your thing you can always reach us at 401-739-1001 for things autumnal and energy efficient.

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