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Gloria GemmaNormally when I chronicle the exciting events we here at RIHI have planned over the upcoming weekend I tend to have fun with the various food and shenanigans featured within each show. There’ll be plenty of space for that today—especially with the Whiskey Festival happening at Twin River Casino. There is one event this weekend that without question must take center stage not only because of the gravitas surrounding the spirit of the event, but also because of the amazingly courageous, tireless, and selfless work of its members. The Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Center has embodied one of Rhode Island’s most incredible institutions since its inception in 2004.  This Saturday and Sunday The Gloria Gemma Flames of Hope takes over Downtown Providence, and I say with great confidence that we have never been prouder than to be associated with an event more than this one.

The celebration begins Saturday with the Passport to Wellness before culminating with the Gloria Gemma 5K. In between, anyone participating this weekend will be overwhelmed with the emotional celebrating centering on lives lost and lives of those still battling this awful malady. This is usually where I would talk about one of the home products we would be showcasing—but not today. Instead, RIHI and I simply invite you Downtown to join the overwhelming outpouring of love and support flowing through the streets of Providence over the next 48 hours.

Speaking of celebrating, there will be plenty of revelry at Twin River Casino when the New England Whiskey Festival kicks off Saturday. This event will be a bacchanalia of everything whiskey—from drinking it, cooking with it, distilling it, and musicians singing about it. So, if you consider yourself a whiskey connoisseur come down and enjoy the festivities.

As always, no matter what your autumnal home improvement needs might be you can always reach us at 401-739-1001.

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