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When it comes to remodeling your home, your kitchen is often one of the best places to consider renovating. It offers a high return on investment, and can considerably improve your quality of life by making your kitchen an easier, more enjoyable space to navigate and spend time in. If you’ve been wondering how you could further improve your kitchen this summer, one of the best remodeling choices you can make is adding an island to your home’s kitchen. Interested in learning more about the benefits of building an island in your kitchen? Take a look below to learn more!

More Counter Space

One of the biggest limitations of many kitchens is a lack of counter space. Even in large kitchens, when there are more than one or two people in the kitchen at a time it can quickly become crowded. If you’ve found that you simply don’t have enough countertop to use when you’re working on larger meals with more complicated prep, adding an island is a great way to build additional counter space.

Additional Cabinets

While limited countertop space is one common kitchen issue, another is a lack of cabinetry. An island can help address this issue as well. You can turn any of the four sides of the island into cabinets, or elect to use just one side as an all-encompassing cabinet for the space. Either way, adding an island provides you with the chance to build large, central cabinets for your kitchen, increasing your storage space, and improving the flow of your kitchen.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Another benefit of building an island in your kitchen is simply that it looks beautiful! A kitchen island functions as a focal point of the room, which means it can drastically improve the resale value of your kitchen. If you’ve been looking for a way to breathe new life into your kitchen, an island is a fantastic choice.


Next up, a wonderful benefit of building an island, particularly for those without a proper dining room, is that you can use the space as a breakfast nook as well. Simply pull up a couple of stools, and you have a beautiful seating area in a pinch!

A Space For Appliances

In the same vein as adding additional counter space, an island provides you with the opportunity to either put your appliances on the island, or build them directly into it. Rather than having your microwave on your countertop, you can build it into your island to cut down on the appliances taking up valuable counter space, and get back to using it for cooking!

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