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Summer is one of the top times of the year to complete home remodeling projects. It’s also when homeowners are spending time outside and looking to complete some projects themselves. But not all jobs are suited for the everyday man or woman. Safety and quality of work are major concerns with DIY projects, so make sure that you hire professionals for more intensive projects. Landscaping and cleaning gutters can probably be done yourself, but leave the experts’ technical and possibly unsafe jobs. Read on to learn more about projects that you should hire pros for.


Your home’s roof is one of the cornerstones of your home overall. It does so much to protect the rest of your home and keep it dry & safe. When a leak occurs, it can be tempting to take immediate action and attempt to fix the roof yourself. But roofing repairs and replacements always involve some type of climbing and ladders that most people just aren’t accustomed to. Plus, it isn’t always a straight forward job, depending on your home’s roof. A professional roofer will follow best practices to ensure that once your roof is repaired, it will keep your home dry. The layman isn’t able to spot deficiencies in roofs that could lead to major problems down the road. That, paired with the risk of dealing with ladders and climbing on roofs, make roofing a job best left for professionals. 

Siding and Painting

After your roof, your home’s siding makes up most of the surface area of your home. It has a huge impact on your home’s appearance and the first thing that guests notice when they arrive at your home. That’s why you want it to look neat and professional. It takes skill and experience to do a great job of installing siding or painting. You can get away with some interior painting projects yourself, but exterior projects require equipment that non-contractors just don’t own. Siding also plays a protective role in your home, so installing it incorrectly will have major downsides. Work with a professional when it’s time to replace your siding. 

Window Replacements

It’s no secret that replacing your windows offers a huge amount of benefits to your home, from adding natural light to increasing the energy efficiency of your home in all seasons. Not all window replacements are a one for one swap, though. And if the installation isn’t airtight, you won’t be able to take advantage of that great ENERGY STAR rating that your new windows have. Window installers will test windows and ensure proper installation, allowing you to reap the benefits of your new windows.

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