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The Best ways to Maintain your Vinyl Siding throughout the year

4591The Beauty of Living Maintenance Free

Vinyl siding maintenance is one of our favorite subjects to discuss with our customers. Why, you may ask?  Because it’s the easiest.  Simply put, once we have completed a vinyl siding installation, the homeowner immediately begins enjoying the freedom from maintaining the exterior of his or her home.  No one wants to spend valuable time during these warm weather days laboring up and down a ladder, painting, puttying and staining a peeling house.  Vinyl siding installation offers much more time for the important things in life, such as barbecues, the beach, and spending time with our families.

Washing instead of Painting

The discussion of vinyl siding maintenance is extremely short and sweet.  Once a year invest an hour or two in rinsing every bit of the siding with a garden hose to get rid of dust and dirt. If allowed to accumulate year after year, the siding will eventually begin to look distinctly grimy and won’t come clean unless scrubbed.

We all need some TLC

Quality Vinyl Siding from RIHI won’t dent.  However, lesser quality siding can crack or break over time, especially with our extreme New England winters and summers.  Replace any damaged sections as soon as you can.  If you don’t have RIHI Protec Siding, be careful where you park your bike, scooter, lawn mower, snow blower, or any other vehicle that could cause damage to these brittle areas.

Avoid Meltdowns

While vinyl is slow to burn, it does have a low melting point, and can be damaged by extreme heat.  One of the biggest culprits causing vinyl meltdowns is your backyard grille!  For many grilles are their best friend come summer time, but if parked too close to your siding, can cause melting and warping!  Keep your grille, and other high-temp fire sources, away from your siding or pay the consequences.

Following the suggestions above, and using a bit of common-sense, should help keep your vinyl siding new-looking year-round.  No one has to know you were actually working on your tan or your golf game as opposed to scraping and painting.  Your secret is safe with us!


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