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Winter or Summer: there is no wrong time to replace your windows

replacement_windows1Energy savings is something that has been on everyone’s mind as of late, especially considering the brutally cold Winters we’ve had to endure the previous few years. People are constantly telling us how they are so tired of handing over so much money to gas and oil companies over the course of these sub-freezing New England Winters. What many don’t realize, however, is that Winter is not the only problematic season in regards to energy loss.  The hot Summer months also create energy increases as your air conditioner will struggle to keep up with the competing heat that is constantly trying to penetrate your home.  While there are a few different routes homeowners can take in alleviating these costs, the most efficient road involves replacing older windows with replacement windows.

Keeping your money inside your house

You may ask yourself, “Why should I replace my windows?”  The answer begins with a very simple science lesson.  Your goal as a homeowner who is looking to conserve energy centers on the notion of controlling the differences in temperature between the inside of your home and the outside elements.  For example, you want to think of it as simply keeping what is inside your house on the inside, whether it’s the heat in the Winter or the cool temperatures in the Summer.  Energy bills increase when your heater or air conditioner has to work harder to compete with what Mother Nature is doing outside your home.  When fighting this battle, your best weapon is a quality replacement window.  A top notch replacement window will put a stop to the constantly fluctuating temperature inside your house, which will allow your heater and air conditioner the chance to work in a much more efficient manner, as opposed to frantically attempting to catch-up with the heat and cold leaking into your house through drafty second-rate windows.

How versus How Much

“How” replacement windows can cut your energy costs is not as important to most people as “How much” money replacement windows can save.  Anyone who has replaced his or windows with energy efficient double hung windows will tell you the savings can add up very quickly, regardless of when you actually convert to replacement windows.  Consider, for example, a home formerly saddled with single pane windows once it has been upgraded with replacement windows.  While the results may vary depending upon the average temperature and how many windows are actually replaced, a homeowner may save anywhere upwards to $500 per year on energy bills.  We haven’t come across a homeowner yet who had a problem with allocating $500 to something much more interesting than energy bills.


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