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house4Over the past few weeks we’ve been sharing questions you might want to pose to any home improvement contractor before allowing them to work on your home. The answers you receive to these questions should help you formulate an educated opinion as to whom you would want—or not want—to touch your largest investment. Let’s look at a few more bits of information you can pull from prospective contractors during your inquisition.

Are you licensed?

This question is one that will often go unasked simply because it’s usually assumed that someone calling him or herself a contractor will carry a license.  You also need to realize that just because someone is licensed in one state does not necessarily mean this someone will be licensed in other states. For example, we carry three different license numbers for Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Always check with your government offices to verify a contractor’s license credentials before giving him or her the go-ahead to work on your home.

Do you offer a written contract?

Again, this question might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many “contractors” will expect you to honor a handshake deal.  The problem with these handshake contracts is that they’re somewhat difficult to review if a question should arise during or after the project has been initiated.  You’re also exposing yourself to hassles and headaches should you encounter an issue if your improvement project begins to fail at some point. Always require a detailed written account of what will be done to your home, as well as any warranties and/or guarantees offered.

We hope these questions—combined with the others previously reviewed—will help you in your quest for the perfect project completion. As always, we’ll be here always ready to give you the right answers for which you are looking.

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