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mall-pano_20103Black Friday

With this being the last weekend before the food-coma inducing holiday more commonly known as Thanksgiving, we’d like to inform you about where you can find our RIHI Remote Team once you’ve finished your turkey, mashed potatoes,  and cranberry sauce. We’ll have our team prepared to cover all your home improvement questions while you visit us at some of our constantly staffed kiosks, such as Wal-Mart in North Kingstown and the Warwick Mall.

Wal-Mart North Kingstown

Should you find yourself engaging in any hand-to-hand combative survival scenarios on Black Friday, you can seek refuge in one of our replacement window kiosks. May I suggest visiting our state-of-the-art home display currently set up within the aisles of the North Kingstown Wal-Mart?  Once you’ve finished wrestling your way through the masses for that coveted flat screen TV, you should stop by to enjoy our Stradivarius cabinet refacing display. Looking for ideas to breathe new life into that tired kitchen of yours? Our Wal-Mart display will show you how easy you could accomplish a kitchen upgrade. Feel free to barricade yourself within our vinyl siding display if the shopping crowd becomes somewhat unruly. Our Protec siding features the durability and strength to ward off not only the harshest of weather conditions, but also crazed Black Friday shoppers bent upon post-Thanksgiving door busting.

Warwick Mall

Our kiosks at the Warwick Mall are also sure to be bustling with activity next weekend. Located at opposite ends of the mall, we’ll be entering people into what is right now still a mystery giveaway that has been tailor-made for the holiday season. In fact, the RIHI brain trust is currently locked behind closed doors, piecing together the details of what will surely prove to be a prize package on the grandest of scales.  Stay tuned to the RIHI blog for updates and hints as to what exactly will be given away in our giveaway.

If, however, you’re more inclined to make your holiday purchases online (such as the lad who pens this blog) you can always reach us at www.rihi.com and 401-739-1001. We’ll be seeing people Black Friday and the following Saturday giving free estimates to all of those looking for those last minute projects.

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