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Get Your Mind INTO the Gutter

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downspoutsEliminate gutter clutter

Gutters and their purpose are two of the most misunderstood matters surrounding home ownership. Many people know they need gutters; they just don’t understand why they need them.  While installing gutters is imperative to properly maintaining your home, their upkeep can present headaches. Luckily, there have been technological advances in gutter protection that will take the hassle out of cleaning them while keeping your gutters working efficiently and effectively. Today we’ll shed some light on why gutters are so important and how RIHI’s SlimGuard gutter protection leaves (pun shamelessly intended) your gutters free of all debris.

Gutters: an introduction

The job gutters perform, simply stated, is to collect rain water and distribute it away from your home. Without a properly installed gutter system rain water would pour freely off the roof and collect near the base of your foundation. Like with anything, prolonged exposure to water will cause damage and erosion—your home’s foundation included. The only problem with gutters that work properly is that they not only collect water, but also leaves, dirt, and other assorted debris—presenting the issue of keeping them clean. While there are many different avenues to take in order to maintain your gutters, one of which is cleaning them manually, we’d like to suggest an avenue to take that will keep your ladder where it belongs: in the garage.

Leave out the leaves

SlimGuard gutter protection, unlike other systems, does not need to be screwed into your gutters, which can compromise your gutters’ performance.  SlimGaurd’s mesh construction allows for it to mold to the inside of your gutter, leaving the rain to flow toward the downspout unhindered while collecting the debris notorious for hampering your gutter system.  Not only does the mesh construction protect your gutters from various foreign objects, it also promises to stand up to any and all of Mother Nature’s worst behavior. Regardless of climate, be it bitterly harsh cold or scorching heat, SlimGuard will work constantly to eliminate all gutter clutter.

Although autumn is on the way the way out, it’s never too late to consider your gutters. Call us today at 401-739-1001 and we’ll help you keep your mind in the gutter and the rest of you off the ladder.

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