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ne-landscaping-2resizedAs mentioned during our last discussion, we’re still holding the fort at The Boston Flower and Garden Show this weekend; however, we’re also getting ready to set up shop at the Bristol County Home and Garden show. We’re looking forward to meeting all of you this weekend as you prepare for all of your spring gardening needs. The fun thing about these shows this weekend is while they’re both garden-centric events, they’re going to look very different.

The Boston Flower and Garden Show will be a complete carnival of exploding floral majesty, bursting with crowds of onlookers as they fill the Boston Seaport Trade Center. The Bristol County Home and Garden show, on the other hand, is a much more close-knit and intimate experience. Our RIHI Remote Team has enjoyed participating in this show because of the cozier layout, lending itself to having more time for one-on-one interaction with our friends who visit our booth. We spoke at length about the former show last time around, so today we’ll focus a little more on our friends in Fall River today.

Diman High School is the sight of this year’s Bristol County Home and Garden show. Just by glancing at some of the local Fall River newspapers, I can already feel the anticipation consuming Fall Riverites at the chance of ending their winter-imposed hibernation. The Home and Garden show will feature various vendors whose expertise centers on plumbing, water filtration systems, landscaping, solar energy, as well as other home improvement projects.

Have you spent the last few weeks fist-fighting ice dams? Are you tired of winter wreaking havoc with your attic, roof, and crawl spaces? You simply need to stop by our booth and learn how we can eliminate those nagging roof problems. We’ll be entertaining guests of the show with our newest Protec roofing system—a system designed to give you peace of mind during the worst winter months. So, stop by our roofing kiosk or call us at 401-739-1001.

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