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bostonflowershowIf the 55 degrees currently frolicking around outdoors didn’t signal the arrival of spring, then the Boston Flower Show opening its doors to the public today certainly has. One of many flower shows we take part in each year, The Boston Flower show offers much more than just your garden variety arrangements. There’ll be various exhibits, different culinary surprises to explore, and wide variety of musical performances which will help us usher in the much anticipated warm weather.

The Boston Seaport Trade Center will be bursting with enough colors and sounds to satisfy anyone’s palette this week. Beginning today, the Boston Flower Show is easily the brightest event we enjoy each year. Season of Enchantment will be this year’s theme, allowing the exhibitors the chance to unlock their creativity as they design wizard hats and wands filled with the foliage of their choosing. The more daring the better, as the promoters are encouraging each florist to push the boundaries of their more conventional arranging techniques. Enchanting, indeed!

The Tour de Romance is another well-conceived notion, as florists took to the streets armed with flowers, bicycles, and their imaginations. Become enraptured within the Parisian vibe these displays set into motion this weekend. You’ll also want to make sure you stop by the garden competitions. The competitive spirit will intensify throughout the weekend as gardeners—both professional and amateur—battle for horticultural supremacy. Competitions will also include photographers and their interpretations of the enchantment associated with spring.

As promised, the Boston Flower Show will also offer the musical stylings of such acts including The Tempo Tantrum Quartet, The Accidental Charm Quartet, and the Avant Garde Quartet. For some reason, the Flower Show seems to fancy four pieces.

If you don’t find the time to visit The Boston Seaport this weekend, the RIHI team always has the time to handle any questions you may have for home. Call us at 401-739-1001 and we’ll tell you how to prepare your home for the delightful weather hovering just around the corner.

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