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Hot Air BalloonsThis weekend’s Hot Air Balloon Festival—while sure to be a great time—can be somewhat misleading when taking the name of the show at face value. There will be plenty of balloons flying hither and yon, of course, but a closer look into the events schedule reveals so much more going on. For example, the Cannon Lady sounds like fun, not to mention Rhode Island’s own prodigal son: John Cafferty bringing his entire Beaver Brown band back home for a set. I also didn’t realize the Balloon Festival was hosting the Rhode Island state barbecue championships. I might actually see if our RIHI Remote Team could use another member this weekend. Watching a beautiful woman shot head-first from a cannon and grooving to some “On the Dark Side” while slathered in barbecue sauce is my kind of Saturday!

beaver brownSpeaking of Saturday, this weekend marks the half-way point of summer. I know—it’s very depressing, but it’s also the perfect time to get jump-started on fall home improvement projects. One project we haven’t discussed in a bit involves your home’s exterior. People who paint their homes usually do so during the spring and summer, which I suppose makes sense. Personally, I could easily find many more fun ways to spend warm weather days than dragging a ladder and paint brush across my house as I sweat through three different shirts—but that’s just me. Then again, I guess that’s why my home sports Protec siding from RIHI. Just one simple power wash every two years and my house is good to go. Protec siding rids your vocabulary of nasty words such as scraping, peeling, chipping, and fading. A home with siding isn’t just another pretty face, however. Protec siding also reduces pesky noise levels up to 45% and will also better insulate your home, bringing those energy bills down to a much more comfortable area.

If you’re not a fan of balloons or barbecue—which I cannot imagine any rational reason why you wouldn’t be—there’s no need to fret! You can always reach us at 401-739-1001 to ask us how you can kick start your home’s curb appeal with RIHI Protec siding.

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