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Heavy rains are great to enjoy from inside a warm home looking out the window. You can enjoy the puttering sound on your roof and cozy up with a big blanket, but what if you suddenly notice that the rain is no longer just outside. Finding water in your home while it’s raining outside is stressful to say the least but try to stay calm. Lots of homeowners discover leaks during a heavy rain. Afterall, why would you notice it when it’s dry?

Protect the Interior of Your Home

Focus on protecting the interior of your home before doing anything else. Start by putting a bucket under the leak to catch the water. then, grab towels and dry up the water that already leaked onto the floor. Dry off items that got wet the best you can and then place them somewhere with good airflow and, of course, no leaking water. 

Find the Leak

Once you’ve done some damage control, it’s time to find the leak. If you can’t identify exactly where the leak is coming from, take a picture of the dark and wet areas of your ceiling so you can show the contractor. If you’ve never had a leak until this heavy rain, it’s safe to assume the leak is coming from your roof, not from a plumbing or AC issue. 

Check the Attic 

Go up to your attic while it’s raining and look at the roof from the inside to see if it’s obvious where water is entering. You can also check your roof in dry weather by looking for areas of light shining through the roof. 

Call a Contractor 

After the rain has passed, it’s time to contact a professional to solve your leaking problem. A general contractor can come to do an inspection to determine if your entire roof needs replaced or if a repair to the affected area is sufficient. You can lower the risk of future leaks by having a yearly roof inspection done by a contractor. This helps identify issues early before they turn into a leak during a heavy downpour. 

Talk with your contractor about the best roofing options and look at your roof as an investment piece. Spending the money to get a high-quality roof that’s built to last is well worth it if it prevents these issues from occurring during the next rainstorm! 

Contact RIHI today if you’re roof is leaking. You can reach us at 866-806-7298.

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