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Storms wreak a lot of havoc and damage on roofs. It can be hard to determine how bad things are until the damage becomes glaring. You do not have to wait for leaks before you carry out inspections.

Roofs must be inspected at least twice a year. Maintenance should also follow this inspection. Doing this regularly will keep you informed of its state and prevent any unpleasant surprises. However, there comes a time when replacement is necessary.  

Here are some warning signs that you need to replace your roof:

4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Roof

Leaks in the Attic

Leaks do not always mean that the entire roof needs replacement. However, an old roof should be replaced as the best way to control the leaks. This is because barely repairing it does not guarantee there won’t be future leakage. 

Always have leaks sealed up immediately because water seepages can cause a dangerous build-up of moisture in the building.

Presence of Rot, Mold, or Mildew

Rot is often indicative of decaying materials and is mostly found on rooftops. This suggests that the rooftop is no longer as strong and reliable as it should be. Mildew and mold, on the other hand, thrive in moist places. They are very unsanitary but are good signs you need to replace the rooftop.


Your rooftop is ready for a replacement when pieces of it begin to fall off. The disintegration is a factor of harsh storms and heavy rainfall. Since it will be hard to determine what parts are fully intact, it is safer to have the entire roof replaced. Replacements will also minimize the risk of injuries or harm by the loose pieces.

The Age of the Roof

Usually, roofs are made with an estimated period of durability. Therefore, there is no gainsaying that you should prepare to replace your roof after twenty to twenty-five years of installation. Whether it was maintained or not, it is unsafe to continue to use such roofs.

Never Ignore the Signs to Replace your Roof

When there are several damages or the good state of your roof is compromised, replacing it with a new one is a smart investment. Therefore, when you find these signs, you should begin to make plans to replace your roof. That will prevent leaks from causing further damage to your property. 

Do not overlook the necessity of proper maintenance after replacements are made. This will help them last longer in good condition. Contact RIHI today for all of your roofing needs. 


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