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iStock_000018176864XSmall1Few aspects will have a more significant impact upon the life of your roof than how properly—or improperly—it has been ventilated.  You could install the most amazing shingle on the market, but it will all be done in vain if your ventilation system is subpar.  Many homeowners concern themselves with just shingle quality when shopping for roofing installation while ignoring the importance of roof ventilation.

The Geography of Roofing Ventilation

The climate of your town will dictate the roofing ventilation needed.  For example, roofing ventilation in New Orleans will look much different than it will be here in New England; however, the importance is exactly the same.  One of the problems Rhode Island homeowners have suffered over the past few winters is ice dams. These pesky ice dams are created when ice melts prematurely on the roof, only to refreeze again at the edge of the roof, lifting and damaging the shingles. The constant melting/freezing cycle is a symptom of a poorly ventilated roof. A roof adequately ventilated will balance the heat much better, allowing the snow and ice to melt more evenly.

Proper roof ventilation is also paramount in warmer climates.  With little or insufficient ventilation, excess heat will be trapped, leaving the air conditioning unit to constantly try to keep up with the increasing temperature.

Moisture: Great for Your Brownies, Not So Great for Your Roof

Whether you live in a beach-front community or one that instead caters to skiing, ventilating your roof keeps moisture at bay.  Moisture—more than anything—can create havoc for your roof.  With no avenue to alleviate excess moisture your roof can develop mold and mildew. While this moisture build-up could devastate your beams and trusses, it could also lead to shingle nail deterioration. A roof featuring the most optimal ventilating system will allow your roof to breathe, which will only add years to your roof’s lifespan.


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