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Snow MeltingI’m getting the suspicion that while the great Winter Thaw of 2015 has shown us signs of spring, the meltdown has also created havoc with the myriad ice dams plaguing our area. Many people I’ve spoken with today have voiced concern regarding the leaks these dreaded ice dams have caused, and my reply was always the same: “You need to prevent ice dams as opposed to curing them.” Normally, if your roof has suffered an ice dam it’s already too late; however, if you had called RIHI to replace your roof with our Protec shingle system—you’d be much better prepared for the brutality this past winter threw at us.

We’re proud to offer the homeowners of Southern New England the peace of mind the Protec roofing system delivers. Stabilized with premium roofing elements and technology, Protec t battles heavy snow, wind, hail, and maybe more importantly water penetration. Our roofs offer a Class 4 Impact rating, which I’m sure many of you will be happy to hear will decrease your insurance premiums. We’re also pleased to tell you our roofing systems include synthetic underlayment and eave protectors such as GoldShield Ice and Water Protector.

Another aspect of our Protec roofing system to consider centers on each shingle’s superior granule technology, which will fend off the unremitting UV rays from the sun and the growth of mold and algae. Save the garden for your yard, not your roof! There are few things more unattractive than a roof promoting the green overflow of algae. Our shingles contain the perfect mixture of metallic granules that inhibit the growth of both mold and algae, allowing the roof to maintain the pristine look your home deserves.

Don’t let the harmful effects of winter get you down! Call us today at 401-739-1001 and let us show you how March and April are the perfect months to put those roofing issues behind you!

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