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spring-seasonWhile we’d like to be the first ones to wish you a very happy Passover and Easter, we’d also like to mention a few of the amazing internet deals we’re offering this month. The snow has finally melted, leaving the door open for all those home improvement projects you’ve been promising to tackle once the weather broke, Well, folks—the weather has officially broken, so let’s get to it! Call us today and find out how RIHI can save you money regardless of what improvement you’re currently considering. You can also visit our website to learn about these special saving opportunities, or even better you can just continue reading this enchanting blog.

So, what’s your pleasure? Brand new vibrant vinyl siding for the outside of your home? Maybe you weren’t happy with the last four or five heating bills that hit you, which led you to think about replacement windows? Perhaps the constant barrage of snow this winter and the subsequent ice capades which took place on your roof? No matter what you’ve had your eye on we’ve rolled out an incentive program to satisfy your home’s needs.

For those of you looking to upgrade your windows now is the time. When you purchase at least four windows from us we’ll take $125 off each window. Most one family homes feature around fifteen windows, translating into almost $2000 in savings. If that $2000 number looks familiar, it’s probably because it resembles what you paid for fuel this winter. Stop lining the wallets of those heating companies and invest in new replacement windows today!

If its siding or roofing you fancy, you should take advantage of our 20% online discount. There’s no better time than now to bring your home up to speed. We’ll show you how our Protec siding and roofing systems will give your home the beauty and maintenance-free peace of mind you deserve.

To learn more about our current deals visit our website, or if technology isn’t your thing we’ll always answer our phone at 401-739-1001.

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