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roof_replacementDon’t Fall into Winter

Last time, we lamented the final days of summer while thinking about preparing your home for the fall and winter.  As the temperature begins to drop, the fuel bills—unfortunately—escalate.  While we all prepare for shelling out more cash to the likes of gas and oil companies post Labor Day, there are a few products worth the investment that will ease the drain on your bank account.  Our customers are always pleasantly surprised with their initial heating bill following our installation of our Protec products, and today we’re going to explore just how you can enjoy the same euphoria.

Siding isn’t just another pretty face

Vinyl siding is a great place to start this conversation simply because most people do not associate siding with energy savings. Homeowners shopping for vinyl siding usually have just the appearance of their house on their minds. While sending your home into the stratosphere of beauty, properly installed siding will also tighten up your home’s energy conservation.  For example, our Protec vinyl siding features the SolidCore insulated backing.  The SolidCore technology keeps your home cozy in the winter and cool during the summer. Protec siding also integrates a sophisticated SmartTrack moisture management system, which enables your house to breathe properly—regardless of how harsh the weather may turn.

Protec Windows vs. All Comers

Windows are without question the most attractive option to increase your home’s energy efficiency. There are few paths homeowners can travel that will slash energy bills better than replacing the windows in the home. It’s important to note, though, that not all replacement windows will offer the same level of efficiency.  Many window companies celebrate excitedly when they attain Energy Star window heat transfer U factor qualifications.  Being able to tell people your window meets the Energy Star requirements is nice; however, we at RIHI find simply “meeting” requirements rather boring and amateurish. This is why our Protec window more than doubles the U factor value—even when gauged during the most extreme New England winter conditions.

Instead of dreading the impending fuel costs winter will bring into your home, just give us a call. We’ll come by and gladly explain how Protec windows and siding will prepare you—and your wallet—for the worst weather winter has to offer.


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