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What to Ask When Shopping for Replacement Windows

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replacement_window_ri The Great Window Inquisition

Some of our favorite customers are also the most inquisitive.  We’ve visited with so many people over the years it’s refreshing to sit down with someone who has taken the time to research what’s important to them regarding the completion of a home improvement project—primarily because it makes our job so much easier. For example, explaining the benefits of our Protec window system to people who already know what they’re looking for in a replacement window makes for a much more enjoyable in-home visit—not only for the consumer, but for us as well. So, in the spirit of creating more of these favorable experiences for us here at RIHI and you, the intelligent homeowner, we’d like to share some important questions you should ask your window specialist during the estimate process.

What are your replacement windows made from?

There are many windows out there, constructed from many different materials. Windows range from 100% vinyl to wood to aluminum and so on.  Technology, however, has recently given us the composite material of polymer and acrylic resins, which are utilized in our Protec replacement window. The composite material creates a much stronger window, one much more resistant to the daily beating weather and climate bestow upon a window frame.

How energy efficient are your windows?

This is a big one. The answer to this question will be the one which directly affects how little or how wide you’ll be opening your wallet during the upcoming winter months.  The key number you want to familiarize yourself with is the U factor.  The U factor calculates the loss of energy suffered by a replacement window; therefore, you’re looking for the lowest number possible.  Most quality replacement windows will begin at a U factor of .30 and work down from there. In fact, our Protec window clocks in at almost half the Energy Star recommended U factor.

Who will be installing the windows?

This question is another one we love to field in the house because our answer gives every homeowner immediate peace of mind once we deliver it.  So many companies today will rely upon a third party subcontractor to install windows for their customers. RIHI, on the other hand, employs our own installers to handle window replacement.  Purchasing windows from RIHI offers you freedom from having to play middle man between the installation crew and the company from whom you bought the windows.  No one has time for that! Always select a company who will handle the entire process for you.

Well, those are three of the most important questions to ask during your in-home window estimate. We’ll discuss more questions you should ask in upcoming articles.


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