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Did you walk into your kitchen today and think “where has the excitement gone?” Like many homeowners, falling out of love with your kitchen can be troubling because of all the time you spend together. The many shared meals, the countless parties where everyone ends up in the kitchen, and of course those late-night snacks that you usually regret in the morning. But where to begin? Start by taking a good look at those war-torn cabinets.

Kitchen White CabinetsKitchen cabinet refacing is a great way to add new life to your kitchen without going through the more costly option of replacing the entire cabinetry. With so many styles and color options available these days, finding a look that fits your personal style is relatively easy. And another trend popular with homeowners is to replace closed cabinets with open cabinet fronts to add another dimension to your kitchen update.

With kitchen cabinet refacing you’ll find the process is less intrusive than full replacement because it does not prevent you from using your kitchen while making a weekly take-out schedule. The process involves removing the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, handles, and hinges and replacing them with new ones. But most importantly, the cabinet box remains intact, and at RIHI we’ll simply laminate it with fresh paint to match the new cabinet doors and drawers.

Now, this approach is certainly a great start to once again making your kitchen the proud focal point of your home. But if you’re really looking to shake things up and create an entirely new look, you may want to take the leap and plan a full kitchen remodel. Beyond the cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and appliances are some of the updates you can complete to transform your kitchen from Coastal to French Country. At RIHI, we believe the project is only limited to the homeowner’s imagination!

Since 1949, RIHI has been helping New England Homeowners with kitchen updates and remodels to create a space they can enjoy and give them a renewed sense of pride. So, if you’re feeling that blah kind of feeling about your kitchen, we are here to help you bring back the excitement!

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