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As we begin to free ourselves from the cold, icy grip of winter and the snow is melting away, it’s important to take a walk around your house to see how your roof held up. Regular inspection and maintenance of your roof is so important to ensure it’s performing at its best, keeping moisture out, delivering the optimum energy efficiency, preventing serious issues from arising, and maintaining the beauty of your home—or in other words, its curb appeal!

There are some obvious indicators that your roof needs attention, which can be detected by simply walking around your home and taking notes. As always, you’re best off calling a professional like RIHI, but your view of the roof can help make the most out of an appointment you schedule with an expert. So, what signs are you looking for that your roof is compromised? RIHI put together a checklist to help you get started:

  • Know the age of your roof because, after as little as 15 years, your roof’s performance can start to decline and open the door for serious problems like allowing water to get into your home.
  • Look for any missing or damaged shingles (such as granule loss on the shingle) as this can cause moisture to get inside your home and cause problems like mold and mildew growth
  • Keep an eye out for shingles that have buckled or curled up which signal that your roof is not properly vented and once again putting your home at risk for damage from weather.
  • Look for areas where leaves have piled up, or there is a growth of moss or algae, all of which have a reputation for causing leaks and water damage
  • If you can access your attic, you can check the ceiling for any water stains which is a good indication that your roof’s performance has been compromised
  • Finally, as a good maintenance practice keep your gutters clear of all debris as this can lead to damage, especially during the winter by causing ice dams.

Once you have completed your walk around you should review your notes, and if you’ve identified any of these issues, make a call to a roofing expert. Since RIHI has been installing new roofs for over 70 years, we can help you determine how best to address your roofing needs. And as an exclusive Owens Corning Platinum Partner, we offer the highest quality in product, installation, and warranty.

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