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Each morning when I walk into the office and I’m greeted with the amazing kaleidoscope of vinyl siding samples lining our showroom, I shake my head and wonder why anyone would still consider painting his or her house.  Who feels like dragging the ladder out of the garage and wasting an entire long weekend slaving with a paint brush and putty knife on the side of a two story raised ranch? Come on, people! The siding we offer here at RIHI will not only transform your home into the most handsome one on the block, but will also greatly insulate your home during the worst weather winter has to offer. If you’re still skeptical, let’s look at why our Protec siding will make the most sense for your home.

We’re a long way from the 70s

Too many people today still picture the hideous eyesore 1970s lime green atrocity when they think vinyl siding. Anyone who has explored the world of siding in the new millennium can attest to the beautiful wood-grain look, such as the texture and color spectrum of our Protec siding. Protec comes in various colors and styles, which make complementing your home’s exterior with your own unique personality easy and effortless.

Maintenance free

While on the subject of effortless, effortless perfectly describes how to maintain your siding. Protec vinyl siding—while appearing to be freshly painted wood—will never chip, peel, rot, or fade. If insects invading your home have ever been a concern of yours, you can check that fear at the door of your newly sided home once you choose Protec. Insects may have a taste for wood, but they find our siding repulsive; therefore, these bugs will not only leave your home off their menu, but will also gladly nest elsewhere.

In other words: leave the ladder in the garage where it belongs. Don’t put yourself at the mercy of your home’s wood exterior.  Call us today at 401-739-1001 and we’ll share with you just how quickly and easily Protec can change your perception of vinyl siding.

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