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roof_replacementLast time we met we touched upon a few questions to pose to any prospective roofing  or home improvement contractor—or window contractors, for that matter–before allowing them to work on your home.  Your home is a member of your family, and we realize you would want to screen any potential people with whom you would entrust completing a project.  So, once again, we will cover a few important questions (and the respective answers for which you are seeking) that will hopefully make improving your home as pleasant as possible.

Do you have a physical address?

This might sound like a ridiculous question; however, one in which you’re going to want a yes in response.  For example, if you were to choose RIHI to work on your home you could come down to talk with us over a cup of coffee in our modern showroom at any time. Someone working out of his pickup truck, on the other hand, could probably only offer you a quick discussion in his driveway.  An actual address and/or showroom also speaks to the notion that the company is well established and will still be there if you should have questions in the future.

Will you provide clean up and removal of debris?

Clean-up is one of those issues some roofing contractors will attempt to skirt. RIHI will include the removal of shingles and other debris in our contract, but not every contractor will be as accommodating. The last thing you need is to be left with a yard littered with scattered shingles and other assorted flotsam left behind by a contractor. Don’t let anyone tell you that cleaning up after the fact is “your problem.”

Once again, it’s your home and you have every right to make sure you hire someone conscientious enough to provide you with the service you deserve.  We know, since we’ve been offering conscientious service for six decades.

We’ll explore a few more questions next week after we take a look at where you can meet the RIHI remote team this weekend.


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