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Rhode Island Chinese Dragon Boat RaceWhile our event schedule is packed with so many great shows—many of which we’ve been setting up shop with for fifteen or twenty years running—we are constantly scouring the tri-state area for new eclectic gatherings to try out. Every now and then we stumble upon one  that leads us to say, “Now, this one sounds like a lot of fun,” which is exactly what the entire remote coordinating team exclaimed once we happened upon the Rhode Island Chinese Dragon Boat Race in Pawtucket.  In fact, the more we researched this event the more attractive it became. The notion that each team of racers must include one drummer in their boat piqued our interest immediately; however, I believe the Chinese Dumpling Eating Contest was the deal sealer. As long as the dumplings are steamed instead of fried, I just might have to break out my competitive eating skills.

Although this will be our maiden voyage to the Dragon Boat Race, this competition has apparently been going strong since 2000. Don’t just call this another boat race, though. There’s much more to this story than just some garden-variety regatta. The entire day is centered on exploring the beauty of Taiwanese culture, from art exhibits to food offerings.  If you happen upon the RIHI Remote Team during the day they’ll happily share the advantages of our new Owens Corning roofing shingles, including the unprecedented warranty packages these shingles come with. Choosing RIHI and Owens Corning will put to rest any future concerns you could possibly have revolving around your roof.

Waving CatThe artistry, appetizing delights, and premium roofing systems aside, the boats involved in this race are nothing short of spectacular.  Just perusing the photo collage online has stoked my fire to grab a nautical team and formally enter this thing!  So, if you should see a dragon boat looking like a member our company’s vehicle fleet—wrapped  with RIHI colors and John and Anthony’s faces strewn across the bow—recklessly flying  down the mighty Blackstone River on Saturday you’ll know I pulled together a last minute top notch rowing crew.  You’ve been warned, people!

Make sure you call us at 401-739-1001 so that we can share with you our Owens Corning roofing system information and our favorite dumpling recipes.  Both of which are perfect for the fall season.

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