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Anthony AurgemmaWhen our founder—Tony Aurgemma—started this company way back in 1949 he had much more than simply a home improvement company in mind. He looked at the homeowners he would provide service for not just as customers, but as friends and neighbors first and foremost.  Tony’s passion for the industry was driven by his vision that he could transform ordinary houses into warm, inviting homes for his friends, giving them the peace of mind and pride a beautiful home can bring to an entire family. Maybe one of the biggest concepts Tony instilled—a torch his sons continue to carry to this day—is the importance of community. RIHI has always operated within the comfy confines of Warwick, allowing us to grow alongside the city and the people who live here with us. We’ve made countless local friends throughout the last 67 years, something none of us take for granted. In fact, this sense of community has influenced our decision to devise RIHI Cares.

Visitors coming to our website over the next few weeks will be able to learn more about and partake in the charitable events and promotions we’re very proud in which to be involved. Some of our more recent sponsorships include bringing people the Boston Seafood Festival, the Washington County Fair, and especially the Wickford Art Festival—which holds a special place in our hearts considering so many members of our RIHI team are involved in the arts. We are constantly looking for the chance to give voice and opportunities to local artists, and the Wickford Art Festival embodied the perfect venue to serve that need.  Aside from sponsoring said shows we’ve also enjoyed success in overabundance with our Santa visits and subsequent Toys-for-Tots drive every December. We are constantly in awe of our friends’ generosity each Christmas season, as each year’s collection of toys has surpassed the previous years by an absolute landslide. Once again, as they continually prove just how strong a community’s commitment to giving and helping can represent, our friends and neighbors never disappoint!

Please keep an eye out for our upcoming RIHI Cares page to learn more about how you can help us give back to a community that has treated us so well over the past seven decades.


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