Composite Siding vs. Fiber Cement

Why composite siding is superior

Cellular Composite Siding: The Superior Option

Fiber cement siding has been all the craze recently, but it isn’t the most premium siding option out there. It’s cellular composite siding, and you can see the difference in real homes. Composite siding is able to offer a level of curb appeal that fiber cement just can’t match. It’s no slouch when it comes to practicality either; composite siding outperforms fiber cement when it comes to durability, energy-efficiency, and weather protection.

Fiber Cement

  • Ugly seams with sloppy caulk lines
  • Generic, prefabricated look
  • Follows dips and deformities of walls
  • Extremely heavy
  • Limited color palette
  • May require repainting in some climates
  • Wood trim requires maintenance
  • Chips and scratches must be filled with caulking
  • Typically carries a 15-year warranty

Cellular Composite Siding by RIHI

  • Interlocking joints create a zero-seam smooth seal
  • No need for messy caulking
  • There are never any gaps or waves
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Easier & faster installation
  • Composite coating is resistant to rain, dirt, wind & more
  • Impact resistant finish can handle hail, stray baseballs & more
  • Nicks and scratches can be touched up with paint
  • Wide range of colors and styles available
  • Typically carries a 25-year warranty
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