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Let’s face it, for many homeowners in New England, the team at RIHI knows your bathroom can be both a sense of pride and one of angst if it’s in need of some TLC. Whether it’s having a bathroom you can be proud of when guests come over or the right environment to get your day started that will set the tone for the day, there are some key improvements that will make the most impact.

Bathtub and Shower

The current trend (especially in the main bathroom) is to pull out the existing bathtub and install a new walk-in shower. In fact, door-less showers are also a trend now as homeowners want to make a more dramatic style statement in their bathrooms. As the focal point of the bathroom, there are many options for tubs and showers where form and function can meet that will allow you to create your own personal spa-like experience.  Products like Kohler LuxStone are a perfect example of how you can achieve some incredible aesthetics but still have an easy to long-lasting and easy-to-maintain tub and/or shower.


This is one of those elements in your bathroom that can get overlooked when you’re looking to make some improvements. But don’t sell short the impact proper lighting can have in your bathroom to create both impact and the right environment. For example, LED lighting can save energy and the bulbs will typically outlast traditional incandescent and fluorescent. In fact, there is scientific evidence that suggests there are several health benefits to LED lighting including reducing headaches, balancing circadian rhythm, and treatment of seasonal affective disorder…think about those dark days of New England winters.


Yes, something as simple as a mirror can add a badly needed update in style to your bathroom. If you’re looking for something more contemporary and in vogue, Google Search for “round mirror” has more than quadrupled in the last decade. Another upgrade is to install a full-length mirror to enhance the size of your bathroom. If you want a more contemporary look, you can choose a leaning style mirror if you have the space.


Like any room in your house, painting is a great way to give your bathroom a fresh new look, from bright and energizing, to cooler and calming. It can create a more dramatic look and help accentuate your tub and shower or vanity. Best of all, it is a great DIY project that provides a great sense of personal satisfaction, and one that you’ll enjoy long after you’re done painting.

These are just a few tips from the RIHI Team, but there are certainly other improvement opportunities in your bathroom like the vanity, sinks, flooring, wet fixtures, and storage. Whatever you decide, a bathroom improvement is always a great investment.

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