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At RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist, we’re glad to serve the town of Richmond, RI, with our home remodeling services. The town is a small town is Washington County that was originally part of Westerly until 1747. Now, Richmond is home to about 8,000 residents spread throughout the town’s villages of Alton, Arcadia, Barberville, Carolina, Hillsdale, Kenyon, Shannock, Tug Hollow, Usquepaug, Wood River Junction, Woodville, and Wyoming. The town is landlocked, so it doesn’t have any beaches, but it’s home to the Washinton County Fair and an excellent place for families. Contact our team today if you’re in need of new windows, siding, or a roof on your home in Richmond.

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Roofing Contractors in Richmond RI

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A high-quality roof is no luxury in your home; it’s essential to keeping the rest of your home protected and keeping your family safe. Your roof covers most of your home’s exterior area, so any weather is coming in contact with your roof first. If your roof is beginning to leak or you’re missing some shingles, it’s time for a replacement. At RIHI, we are roofing experts that are experienced in installation asphalt roofs. They’re the most popular type of roof for their durability and affordability. Our team specifically works with Owen’s Corning shingle for their added energy efficiency benefits and style options to go along with their toughness. Contact us today if your roof in Richmond is beginning to falter.

Replacement Window Services in Richmond RI

Windows are also a crucial part of your home’s appearance, but also it’s integrity and durability. Many know the ventilation, energy efficiency benefits, and aesthetic benefits of windows, but they also have to be tough too. The PROTEC windows that our team installs are rated by ENERGY STAR for their efficiency and engineered to handle extreme heat and cold. They don’t shrink or falter with temperature changes and weather. We offer many different styles of replacement windows, from casement to sliding, and more. We’ve got experienced designers that can find the best solution for you to maximize natural light and also efficiency. Contact us today for window replacement services in Richmond, RI.

Siding Contractors in Richmond RI

After your roof, the siding of your home covers a large amount of your home’s area. It is responsible for keeping moisture away from your walls. It also has a considerable role in the appearance of your home. It dictates the look of your home along with your roof, windows, and doors. The top siding options that our team installs and recommends are composite and vinyl siding. Composite siding was designed to be exceptionally strong while able to mimic the look of wood or other natural materials without maintenance. Vinyl siding is similar and actually the most popular siding material used in US homes today. It has evolved tons since it’s inception and is popular for its durability along with affordability. Contact us for vinyl or composite siding replacements in Richmond.

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