Exceptional Roof Installation Services Offered to Warwick, RI, Homeowners

Roofs that are low-quality, poorly installed, or worn can’t properly protect your home. Plus, they detract from a home’s curb appeal. You can avoid these problems with a new roof installation from RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist, a highly experienced roofing company that’s been in the business since 1949. We provide premium-quality roof replacements to homeowners in Warwick, Rhode Island.

High-Performing Asphalt Shingles

As an Owens Corning Preferred Platinum Contractor, we can provide roofing installations with top-of-the-line products with superior features. You can choose among different features such as:

  • WeatherGuard Technology – Shingles with this technology meet UL 2218-Class 4 Impact Resistance, the highest classification for impact resistance. This is thanks to a sturdy polymeric backing material.
  • SureNail® Technology – You can expect shingles with SureNail Technology to stay on your roof because their unique fabric strip in the nailing area provides outstanding gripping power even in the face of high winds.
  • Premium Color Blends – Enjoy vibrant dimensional color combinations with multi-tonal shingle colors formulated with a mixture of timeless base colors and contrasting granules.
  • TruDefinition® Color – Shingles with this feature capture the bright, vibrant hues and shades with multiple-granule colors.
  • StreakGuard Protection – This copper-lined innovation resists algae growth so you don’t have unsightly black streaks on your roof.
  • Polymer Modifications – Shingles with this modification have more flexibility and durability than standard shingles because of a blend of SBS-modified asphalt.
  • Cool Technology – Keep your home cool with shingles that reflect the sun’s rays.

Get New Shingles for Your Roof

Contact RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist today to learn more about our roof installation services offered in Warwick, RI.