Offering Expert Roof Repair Services for Warwick, RI, Residents

A damaged roof doesn’t always require a complete roof replacement. Sometimes, all you need is a roof repair. RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist offers roof repair services to Warwick, Rhode Island, homeowners. You can expect top-quality results because our roofing company has provided roof repairs since 1949.

Roof Repairs vs. Roof Installation

It’s important to understand when a roof needs a repair instead of a replacement because it can be costly to choose incorrectly. You can know what your roof needs by considering these factors:

  • Roof condition – Minor to moderate damage isolated to a small part of your roof or damage that covers 30% or less of your roof can often be fixed with repairs.
  • Age – A roof that’s been well maintained and hasn’t reached its expected lifespan will likely only need repairs.
  • Time – If you plan on moving out of your home soon, a repair is a faster way to improve your roof’s condition.

A safe way to assess your roof is by using binoculars. If you are still uncertain if your roof needs repairs or a replacement, our expert team can assess your roof.

Signs You Need Roofing Services

Some types of roof damage that we can repair include leaks, missing asphalt shingles, nail pops, punctures, holes, cracking, blistering, granule loss, splitting, and shrinkage. Repair services often include patching up holes and small gaps and replacing damaged or missing shingles and other materials.

Learn More About Roof Repairs

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