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Yes, the holidays are here, and you have lots going on like shopping, baking, get togethers, and assorted other holiday frivolity. But in all the frenzy, this time of year is also a perfect time to start scheduling those long-awaited home improvement projects.  While it may seem tempting to delay until the new year, tackling your remodeling projects before the calendar flips offers numerous benefits.  The RIHI Team wants to share with you our top five reasons why scheduling home improvement projects before the end of the year is a wise decision:

  1. Maximize Tax Benefits

Many home improvement expenses qualify for tax deductions.  If you have a project that can be completed before December 31st, homeowners can take advantage of potential tax benefits for the current year.  Check with your tax advisor to see which improvements may be eligible for deductions.

  1. Beat the Rush

Like many contractors, the team here at RIHIt tend to be busier at the beginning of the year as many homeowners embark on their resolutions to make their home more comfortable and beautiful. Scheduling your projects before year-end will ensure you get prioritized for the new year with prompt attention from highly skilled professionals like RIHI. You’ll also find that delays will be minimized, and your remodeling project will go more smoothly.

  1. Year-End Sales & Discounts

Many home improvement companies like RIHI The Home Improvement Specialists offer some of the best of the best discounts at year-end to help finish the year strong. More importantly, for the customer it can mean some incredible value on that long-awaited project. So, it’s a great idea to take advantage of these promotions sooner than later so you can save on material, labor, and your overall project costs.

  1. Welcome the New Year with a Fresh Start

What better way to welcome the new year than with a brand-new spa-like shower or bath, sparkling new windows that will let the sun shine in, a high quality roof to protect your home, siding to add more beauty to your homes exterior, or that fabulous new kitchen! Planning for this now could be just the present you’re looking for this year that really will be “the gift that keeps giving all year long”.

  1. Enhance Property Value

This is not new news, but remodeling your home will increase its value and curb appeal. By completing remodeling before year-end, you give yourself a head start to enjoy your enhanced property value throughout the coming year.  Whether you’re planning to sell or stay, the increased value is a long-term benefit.

RIHI The Home Improvement Experts recommend you carve out some time to schedule your next home improvement project before the end of the year(of course still making time for those “can’t miss” holiday parties). This is a smart and strategic decision that reaps both short and long-term rewards.  From financial benefits to beating the rush, take advantage of this holiday season to transform your home and start the new year with renewed beaty and comfort.

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