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ri_replacement_windowsNo. Investigating replacement windows can be a daunting task. People will occasionally become overwhelmed with the variety of windows on the market from which to choose. While there are many brands, styles, glass types, and materials flooding the world of replacement windows, you can make an intelligent decision if you arm yourself with just a few key pieces of criteria to consider.

Composite quality

The most logical place to start is to realize windows are constructed differently. Windows come in various flavors these days, whether they’re made from wood, metal, or vinyl.  While these materials are the most common, they’re far from the best choice. If it’s a strong durable window you fancy, you’re going to want to explore a composite replacement window. Take our Protec window, for example.  Constructed from a cocktail of specialty polymer and acrylic resins, the Protec window’s composite makeup offers the best of all possible worlds: the beauty of pure wood, the freedom from maintenance of vinyl, and the durability of metal.

The best fit for you

You’re also going to want to determine what style of replacement window suits your personal taste. The style of window you select is much more a decision based upon form over function. Surprisingly, many consumers will gravitate toward the double hung style because they don’t realize there are other options. For those who may want a refresher crash course on window lingo, we offer the following:

  • Double Hung: these windows are the standard up-and-down style found in so many homes. By far the most conventional, double hungs are ideal for housing air conditioner units.
  • Casement: casement windows are simply the crank-out style windows you’ve seen.
  • Sliding windows: these windows resemble a double hung set on its side. Popular in contemporary homes and sunrooms, sliding windows offer a different perspective on the replacement window concept.
  • Garden windows: ideal for over the kitchen sink, garden windows allow for the perfect sunny spot for your plants and flowers while brightening up your home.

A Touch of Glass

Saving the obvious for last, glass of course plays an important role in dictating the quality of any replacement window. Windows will normally come with either a single, double, or triple pane glass system. Do not waste your time with a single pane window, unless you’re looking for windows for maybe an unheated garage. Featuring both double and triple pane options, our Protec window offers Climagaurd Low E glass, which lends itself to the excellent Energy Star rating for efficiency.

Regardless of your window needs, call us now and schedule a free, no obligation in-home window consultation. We’ll be happy to share each of your options with you as we introduce you to your future replacement windows.


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