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Vinyl Siding ColorsVinyl Siding Color Technology

Vinyl siding has come a long way since the lime green atrocities of the 1960s and 1970s. Long gone are the days of cookie-cutter exteriors that would saddle entire neighborhoods with the appearance of a series of Stepford Homes, seemingly cranked out with factory-like boredom.  With various textures, grades, and colors the exterior of you home now has endless potential for beauty and longevity. Vinyl siding in the new millennium now unlocks each homeowner’s individual style and taste and puts them on display for the entire town to enjoy.

Catch 22

While our Protec vinyl siding comes in many styles, it’s the breadth of the color spectrum that leaves our customers breathless.  Boasting a palette of twenty-two attention grabbing tones, Protec siding reinvents the color wheel, starting with the soft soothing tones of Country Beige, Saddle, and Driftwood—moving through the cool shimmering blues of Regatta and Stratford before finishing with the crisp sharp sass of Lighthouse Red.

Don’t Take Your Trim Covering for Granted

One of the unsung heroes of any siding installation is the trim covering. Slipshod trim work will leave you looking at your home post-vinyl siding install knowing there is something missing, yet unable to determine what it is that just doesn’t seem right. Trim covering your windows and doors is paramount to completing your home’s transformation into the realm of best-house-on-the-block. The importance of trim covering is exactly why we offer seventeen different colors from which our customers can choose.  We realize that if taken for granted, your home will lack that “punch” the majestic accent of class that quality trim covering brings to a freshly sided home.

So, if you find yourself bored with your home’s bland wooden shingles or clapboard, give us a call and begin the process that will make your home stand up and be noticed for all your neighbors to behold.


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