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oktoberfestI realize today’s blog will more than likely cater to a smaller audience than usual, as I’m sure everyone is out flooding the supermarkets, grabbing as much milk and bread as possible before Joaquin blows into town. I will, however, continue to muse about the soggy shows we’ll be enjoying this weekend. Don’t let a little weather get you down, people! There are plenty of Oktoberfests to frolic through in between rain drops. This weekend also presents a great opportunity to learn how to increase your home’s energy efficiency. With the temperature dropping and homeowners flirting with turning the heat on, now is when you should be shopping for those replacement windows.

Oktoberfest this year begins in Douglas, Massachusetts. Occupying the alley between routes 395 and 146, Douglas is the perfect spot for autumnal fun. Bursting with radiant foliage and the scent of wood burning stoves, Main St will offer a diverse collection of fall-centric activities and entertainment. The Douglas Oktoberfest also provides a venue for local non-profit organizations, making the event a great chance for you to give back to many of the resources that do so much for the Blackstone Valley community.

The RIHI Remote Team will be donning their favorite fall sweaters while showing off our Protec window system’s impressive U value. Remember, when researching the right replacement window for you the lower R values are the ones you want to seek out. Without getting into a graduate-level physics seminar, U value simply refers to the rate of heat loss suffered through an object; therefore, the lower the U value the lower the heat loss. For example, in order to be Energy Star efficient, a replacement window needs to clock in at .30. Depending upon the glass you select with our Protec replacement window we can cut that number by almost two-thirds!

Before you hunker down and prepare for your hurricane parties, don’t forget to call us at 401-739-1001 for your free window estimate. Don’t let Joaquin stop you from finding out how much money you can save this year!

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