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RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist began working in Rhode Island in 1949, and since then, Newport has been one of the key cities that we work in. This historic and beautiful community is one of our favorite places to work, and of course, visit as well. It’s one of the most famous summer resort communities in the country for its world-renowned sailing, fantastic beaches, and impressive mansions. Visitors come from far and wide to vacation in Newport and have for centuries because it’s a coastal gem. In recent years, though, many of Newport’s mansion has become open to the public, which has significantly boosted tourism to the city.

We’ve transformed many homes in this seaside city over our long history, and we’re excited to continue to serve it’s 26,000 residents. With many historic and older towns comprising it’s nearly 12,000 households, there are always residents in need of our interior and exterior home remodeling services. Being on the coast, Newport is battered by storms throughout the year, so it’s crucial that homes in Newport have siding, roofing, and windows that can stand up to the elements, season after season, and year after year.

Siding Contractors in Newport RI

house showing vinyl siding in winterYour home’s siding essentially acts like a jacket, protecting your home from all sides from weather and pests. It’s important to protect your home against Newport’s storms, and siding is one of the key components of keeping your home safe and dry. In addition to being excellent protection for your home, your siding also has a tremendous impact on the look of your home. Updated siding can take your home from looking dilapidated to brand new. Plus, modern home siding is stronger than ever before, today’s materials last-longer and can take more punishment than the siding that’s on your home.

At RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist, our team carries two types of home siding options, vinyl, and composite siding. Both materials are long-lasting, durable, and low-maintenance. We carry a wide selection of colors and styles for both siding materials. No matter what kind of style you envision for your home, our team, plus our range of products, can provide you with precisely what you need. We live here too, so we know what’s required by your siding when you’re a Rhode Island resident.

Replacement Window Services in Newport RI

Windows provide your home with natural light and are excellent ventilation sources for your home. But it’s important not to forget about the protective properties of windows, they help shield your home from weather and keep any intruders away. You’d be surprised how much more comfortable your home feels with new replacement windows, plus you’ll take advantage of the added benefit of energy-efficiency.

Our team at RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist carries a wide variety of windows in different shapes and styles. We offer slider windows, bow & bay windows, casement, double-hung, and more so that homeowners can get exactly what they’re looking for. Our team of specialists works hard to help find the solution that fits your home, designing and building a project that both parties are proud of. The change in your home will be felt during all seasons when you have replacement windows installed.

Roofing Contractors in Newport RI

If you think of your home’s siding as a jacket, your home’s roof as it’s hat or helmet, protecting it from anything that’s thrown at it from above. Your home’s roof is mainly responsible for keeping your home safe and dry when the weather outside is stormy. It’s absolutely crucial to have a strong, durable roof on your home when you experience Newport winters.

There are many roofing products out there, but our team trusts Owens Corning when it comes to keeping homes safe because they’re one of the leader manufacturers in the country. They’re so well-regarded because their shingles are long-lasting and backed by one of the best warranties available. We’ve built a relationship with Owens Corning over the years, becoming Platinum Preferred Contractors, so we only use Owens Corning shingles for all of our asphalt roofing jobs. RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist & Owens Corning are a great pair.

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