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With Fall here, chilly temperatures are right around the corner. This means changes to the air and climate that impact your home. Homes in New England have many changes to deal with, with such diverse seasons, homes need to be able to handle it all. With a little bit of maintenance, you can help protect your home and reduce costly future repairs. These maintenance tips will help protect your biggest investment and have your home performing well all year long. 

Clean Your Gutters Well

With leaves beginning to fall, they often end up in the gutters of homes. Leaves, sticks, and other debris from trees easily clog your gutters and stop the flow of water safely away from your home. If your gutters become blocked, they cause water build-up that can freeze. Removing debris from gutters can be a dangerous job; you should hire a trusted contractor to remove any blockages. 

Consider Re-Siding Your Home

If your home’s exterior appearance is becoming dull or the color is fading away, a home siding replacement can be the perfect way to update your home. Fall is the perfect time to install new siding on your home because it isn’t too hot or cold. New siding pays huge dividends in protecting your home and provides a huge boost to your home’s curb appeal. Vinyl siding is the top choice for homeowners in New England because of its light weight and durability. Any deficiencies in your home siding can lead to issue elsewhere with your home and really detract from its appearance. Fall is a great time to give your home a facelift. 

Inspect Your Roof

Before Winter arrives, it’s imperative to make sure that your roof is in good shape. If you’ve got any missing shingles or dark moldy spots, now is the time to get them addressed. With trickly New England winters, any small issue can quickly leave your roof vulnerable and exposed. Once Winter is here and it gets cold and icy, it can be difficult to have issues with your roof repaired. It’s best to have a roof replacement done before Winter is already here. Work with a roofing contractor you can trust because a high-quality roof is a necessity. 

Tend to Your Windows & Doors

Huge amounts of energy can be lost through your windows and doors, and this can have tangible effects on your heating bill. Drafts and incomplete seals lead to moisture and cold entering your home. Make sure that all of your windows and door are operational before inclement weather arrives. Trim around windows can show evidence of water damage; if the trim is damaged, the window is probably damaged as well. Have your windows and doors inspected by a pro if you’re unsure what to look for. 

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