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iStock_000013757570Small1Happy Thanksgiving

Today we find ourselves on the eve of Thanksgiving, preparing for food, family, and fun—but also giving plenty of thanks for the roof over our heads. Roofing, as frequent visitors to this blog will attest, is something we’ve covered more than a few times. While we’ve explored many options and features of our Protec roofing system, we have yet to really dive into what to expect during the actual installation process. Anyone familiar with roofing realizes that selecting the proper shingles is simply half the task. Whomever you select to install the shingles will have just as much to do with the performance of your new roof.

Trusting your roofing contractor

Finding a roofing contractor you can trust can at times be frustrating. There are so many horror stories filling the media and social networks; in fact, there’s even a TV show dedicated to catching contractors and holding them accountable.  With RIHI’s pedigree documenting sixty years of trusted roofing installations, we’d like to share our expertise with you—from our family to yours.

One of the most important (and standard) aspects each roof we install (excluding shingle layovers) centers on the eave protection.  Our waterproofing membrane greatly minimizes the chance of those ice dams that Southern New England has become known for. This eave protection will also eliminate potential leakage into your home.

Rain water management

Another standard found in RIHI roof installations (in which we strip off the existing shingles)  will also include underlayment. Once the original shingles have been removed, the underlayment will offer another layer of protection from wind-driven rain.  Combined with our edge treatment, the underlayment on your roof will allow your roof to shed any excess water that might otherwise linger and cause damage.

Other than your shingles, properly installed ventilation is the most important feature of your roof. Without a quality ventilation system, your roof could breed miles of mold and mildew, limiting the lifespan of your shingles while creating excess moisture inside your home.

While you’re enjoying your family and mashed potatoes tomorrow, don’t forget to give thanks to your all-important roof. However, if you feel your roof could use some holiday cheer—call us at 401-739-1001 and we’ll make sure your roof is reindeer-ready!

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