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roof_repairMore than any other project involving home improvements, roofing projects are often the most neglected and procrastinated.  Homeowners will normally only address roofing issues once a problem arises. This inattention to maintenance can prove very costly, especially if the roof in question is of an advanced age. Since the roof is the first line of defense from the harsh elements, it is extremely important to be proactive before you begin to notice the following maladies.


The problem with leaks in the roof is that by the time you’ve noticed it, regardless of how small it may be, it may already be much worse than you think. Once a problem within a roofing system reaches the point of leaking, the damage accrued could be significant.  Usually, water has already saturated many aspects of your roof before the leak will show itself.


Most often found in poorly ventilated roofing systems, moisture can also wreak havoc throughout an older roof. Moisture can create a catastrophe inside your roof, whether it rusts out your fasteners or increases the load on your roof.  Ruining your home’s R value and creating an environment prone to mold growth are also serious problems excess moisture can foster.

Structural damage

While speaking about leaking and moisture issues, it’s important to note that both can ultimately compromise your home’s structural integrity.  Prolonged leaking and moisture building—if left unattended—can leave your home with structural damage that could leave your wallet pleading for mercy.

Siding damage

Problematic roofing will also show itself on your home’s exterior.  If your home does not feature a vinyl siding with moisture management system—such as our Protec vinyl siding—a failing roof can damage and deteriorate the exterior of any house. Again, once you’ve noticed issues on the exterior of your home the issue may have already reached an advanced state of deterioration.

The moral of this story is to not let your roof reach the point where it’s going to give you a headache and completely ruin your day.  Give us a call and we’ll show you how our Protec roofing system can offer you years of peace of mind while eliminating the need  for you to ever miss any sleep over the nightmarish scenarios outlined above.


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