Composite Siding Installation Services for Cowesett, RI, Homeowners

When looking at a home’s exterior, siding is often one of the first things people notice. Beautiful siding can elevate a home’s style and increase its curb appeal. But even more important, siding affects your home’s durability and energy efficiency, insulates your home, and protects it from Cowesett, Rhode Island, weather. With all these different roles that siding plays, it’s no wonder that high-quality siding can greatly improve your home. That’s why RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist recommends and installs top-of-the-line composite siding.

Premium-Quality Composite Siding

We source our composite siding from PROTEC, a dependable manufacturer that creates high-performing products. Many Cowesett homeowners prefer our composite siding because of its:

  • Durability – Stronger than fiber cement siding, our composite siding performs well in the Rhode Island climate and even avoids moisture damage in heavy rain and snowfall.
  • Soundproofing ability – You won’t even notice when your neighbors are noisy because our composite siding blocks outside sounds.
  • Easy maintenance – Unlike other types of siding, composite siding is low maintenance and only needs to be hosed periodically.
  • Energy efficiency – The better insulated your home is, the better energy efficiency it will have. Composite siding boasts great energy efficiency with its Neopor foam insulation.
  • Attractive appearance – Boost your home’s style by choosing from our wide selection of siding colors and designs.

A Trusted Siding Contractor

You can count on RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist for expert siding replacement services because we’ve been doing them since 1949. Our family-run business has always treated our customers like family, whether we’re installing composite siding, windows, or roofing. Contact us today to learn more about our services for Cowesett, RI, homes.