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Vinyl Siding Creates the first impression of your home

But more importantly, it’s the armor that keeps your home safe.

A home’s siding is an all-important element in its overall integrity. Siding is, in fact, the first defense your home has against the elements. Without it, heat and cool air would radiate from the home, and the interior of your walls would be more susceptible to moisture and rot.

Proper siding installations require a close eye to detail and the best materials on the market. When done properly, new siding installation can keep your home safe from weather damage and leaking energy costs. Done badly, poor or faulty siding installation can become an even bigger headache.

That’s why with RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist, we take your New England siding installation seriously. With extreme temperatures in winter and summer, we understand how crucial it is to get the job done right, the first time.

More than a weather guard, siding is a statement

When you drive past someone’s home, what’s the first thing you notice?

Most often, passersby will notice the color of a home, followed by how consistent that color shines. That’s where the importance of a proper siding installation comes in.

RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist’s decades of experience have taught us one thing – siding installations in New England need to stay beautiful for the long haul. New England winters and summers, heavy rains and heavy snows, and everything else mother nature throws at our homes can wreak havoc on your siding.

To combat these extreme weather conditions, our siding specialists in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island know how to install siding with an expert eye for consistency and durability.

Rhode Island Home

As a customer, you become family

As a family-run business since its inception in 1949, RIHI The Home Improvement Specialist has worked tirelessly with each customer as if they were family. As part of our extended family, there is nothing we won’t do to ensure our siding installations last for the long haul, and stay beautiful for as long as you need it.

That’s why we offer a  No-Hassle, Non-Nonsense Warranty on all the work we do for your home. Just like family, we stick around – if any of your siding installed by us comes apart or doesn’t perform to your expectation, call us, and we will take care of it as soon as we possibly can.

The best materials, every time

Being the best New England siding installation company around, we couldn’t do the best work without the best materials.

That’s why we only use PROTEC brand siding for every job. Their composite siding materials are known in the industry as best-in-class, something crucial for homes in New England experiencing extreme weather.


The composite materials used in PROTEC-brand siding stands the test of time against rain, snow, and other weather perspiration. Because of its resistance to moisture, PROTEC siding will not rot, a common problem for moist climates in the summer.

Rotting siding means your home’s first line of protection breaks down. This will ultimately lead to higher utility bill costs and could lead to the compromised structural integrity of your home’s walls.


The lasting beauty of PROTEC siding has no peer. Because of its longevity, the color and style you choose will project the beauty of your home for years to come.

Energy Efficiency

The composite materials of PROTEC siding insulate your home. That means when it’s cold; it keeps the heat in, and when it’s hot, it keeps the heat out.

In addition to added interior comfort, your utility bills will also benefit. As your home needs less power to maintain a consistent temperature, you will use less power heating and cooling your home.

No Maintenance – No Problem

PROTEC composite siding will never need to be retouched.

That means no repainting, no replacement, no wearing down. The color and finish of your PROTEC composite siding will last for the lifetime of your home – guaranteed.

Our PROTEC Vinyl siding offers all these benefits and more!

  • Noise Reduction – 45 percent more noise is blocked from the outdoors than traditional vinyl siding
  • Strong – Over 300 percent stronger than fiber cement
  • Protection in and out – Neopor foam insulation works with your siding to increase thermal conductivity and noise resistance

Composite Vinyl Siding Colors by PROTEC

Showcase your home’s new creative side with PROTEC’s colors, trim, and accessories! Available in 22 various color options for you to mix and match. Put the perfect finishing touch on windows, doors, and corners.


Protec Siding Color Options

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