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December could easily be the most important time of year to inspect your roof. Why? Santa has a tendency to be very particular about the condition of the roofs upon which he lands each Christmas Eve. You wouldn’t want your roof to hinder Jolly Saint Nick’s delivery schedule, now would you?  Just imagine Cupid or Blitzen blowing out a hoof while trying to gently navigate your subpar roofing system. You really don’t want to deal with that burden this holiday season. Something like that would definitely land you on next year’s naughty list. So, in the spirit of eliminating any embarrassing situations, Santa—in his quiet and unassuming way—has asked us to pass along some helpful information regarding our Protec roofing shingles to you, the festive homeowner.

Armourshake shingles

Being the astute reader of this blog as he his, Santa had recently pointed out to me that while last time I had discussed the Royal Estate shingle, I had neglected a few of his favorite  lines of our Protec roofing shingles. Knowing him as a strict stickler to detail, I would never want to disappoint Santa, so let’s explore another option from our shingle collection.

Looking for stocking stuffers this Christmas? Why not go with our Protec Armourshake shingle?  Designed with top notch technology in mind, Armourshake shingles promise a beautiful wooden-shake look with a Class A Fire Resistance rating. You’ll also notice the deep cut and vibrant color scheme courtesy of a classy laminate, giving you and Santa the peace of mind found in a maintenance free roofing system. While deflecting damaging sun rays and algae, our Armourshake shingles retain that rare just-been-installed look that Santa and his reindeer find so welcoming on a brisk December evening.

Take Santa’s word for it

If Santa’s opinion is good enough for you, call us today at 401-739-1001 and find out how RIHI can install a brand new roofing system—one that Rudolph and company would be proud to land upon in  a couple of weeks.

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