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Protec-roofing-Royal-Estate-ShadowSlate-HsOur last discussion regarding roofing shingles focused on some of the standard features RIHI uses during the installation process. As we discovered together, there is much more to roofing systems than simply the shingles. From underlayment, ventilation measures, and ice and water shield, there is more than meets the naked eye when constructing a quality roof. While the shingle you select will of course drive the performance of your roof, the above mentioned options hold the whole project together into one cohesive unit. Today, however, we’ll examine some of the features that make Protec shingles  the most logical choice when replacing your roof.

Protec Royal Estate Shingles

The Royal Estate line of our Protec family is one of the most popular with people.  Reason being, homeowners seem to love the look of slate roofs. An elegant and beautiful option for people who have fallen in love with slate, but not so in love with the price tag and installation hassle associated with slate. With The Royal Estate shingle, we provide the luxury of slate at a much more affordable cost and a much easier installation process. Coming in such colors as taupe, shadow, mountain, and harvest, the Protec Royal Estate shingles will turn your roof—an often overlooked aspect of your home—into an eye catching curb appeal grabber!

Not Just a Pretty Fascia

The beautiful stately slate appearance aside, Royal Estate shingles also come with a host of our standard favorite features. When shopping for roofing systems, you’re going to want to make sure your shingles carry superior granule technology, which eliminates the growth of mold and algae while also holding harmful UV rays at bay. If durability, longevity, and beauty are all on your roofing Christmas wish list, the Royal Estate shingle system is your choice.

Don’t wait for the weather to turn before addressing those roofing issues. Call us today 401-739-1001 and find out how Protec roofing can make your home the envy of your neighborhood.Prote

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