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So, it’s another windy, cold, and snowy night here in New England, you’re nestled in on your couch watching the latest binge-worthy series, and you’re wondering “why do I need that extra blanket?” You could be experiencing the chill from older, drafty windows. And to make matters worse, that extra chill is costing you money!

Older windows tend to provide less insulation from winter’s cold (and summer’s heat, for that matter) and often no longer provide a tight seal, which creates those uncomfortable drafts in the winter.

Now most homeowners think of replacing older windows as a great way to add beauty, ease of use, and value to their home…and they’re right. But when we’re in the middle of winter, replacing old drafty windows is also a great way to create a more comfortable home, and put extra money in your pocket. In fact, homeowners replacing older drafty windows can result in a reduction of heating costs by as much as 25%!

The technology of today’s windows is vastly improved with brands like our exclusive Protec Windows leading the way. Replacement windows today are better insulated and offer improved energy efficiency for your home. Older windows tend to have air leaks and let drafts into the home.

As New Englanders, we know living in an area with cold winter months that the insulation modern windows and doors offer will keep your home warm and snug. You won’t have to worry about your precious heat escaping outside with Old Man Winter putting a chill in your bones and a dent in your budget.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, one of our RIHI team members is happy to help. Call (866) 563-7293 or go online and fill out our online contact form so we can help you with your window needs.

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