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protec-window-cutawayWith the scents of freshly cut grass and warm salt air from off the Atlantic also comes the much anticipated pleasant temperatures of summer. Undertaking home improvement projects tend to take a back seat to outdoor upgrades this time of year, including gardening and landscaping; however, summer is the perfect time to begin thinking ahead towards updating your home. While the fear and dread associated with opening your fuel bills wanes during these warmer months, now is when you should be preparing your home for the inevitable task of turning your thermostat to the right. We tell homeowners all the time that June and July were made for replacing your windows, so today we’ll take a look at our Protec replacement window system.

Replacement windows tend to be a misunderstood breed. Until people sincerely research the differences between windows, they initially fail to see just how drastically wide the spectrum of replacement window quality can be—and we haven’t even mentioned the comparison between wood, aluminum, and vinyl materials.

What first separates replacement windows from each other is the construction. Windows designed from wood, vinyl, and aluminum each present their own specific problems, which is why we chose a composite material. Our Protec windows, made from a proprietary mix of specialty polymer and acrylic resins, offer the strength and durability to which other materials simply cannot measure up. Protec windows are also constructed with a solid core, unlike other vinyl windows that are hollow. You don’t need a degree in engineering to realize that solid core windows will save you much more money than those that are hollow.

Another reason to choose Protec involves the U factor featured in our system. When compared side-by-side, other replacement windows fall short in energy efficiency—especially when considering our double paned windows offer similar ratings to some of our competitors’ triple pane windows.

Once you’re done planting those perennials and manicuring those hedges feel free to give us a call. Summer will not last forever, unfortunately, so get those windows replaced while the leaves are still on your trees. We’ll be here at 401-739-1001.

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