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power-washing-house-exteriorOne of the first things I noticed once the weather finally broke this year was just how filthy my vinyl siding looked. Considering the multiple feet of snow that bombarded my house this winter, I suppose I shouldn’t be all that surprised. A combination of ice, wind-driven sand, and other assorted nastiness unapologetically assaulted my siding, leaving me with few options outside of power washing my home. I was ready to “clean house,” so to speak. Having the benefit of a few former springs, I’ve found that power washing is without question the best route for restoring your home from the damaging effects of a cruel winter.

You now have two choices as to how to tackle this project: hire someone to handle it or the do-it-yourself approach. Those of you selecting the former option may stop reading now. If, on the other hand, you decide to attempt this task yourself you’re first order of business will be to rent a pressure washer. While many of these washers look the same, just make sure you grab one featuring between 1300 and 1600 psi. Unless you live in a German panzer tank, anything more than 1600 psi is both excessive and dangerous. Next, you’ll need a detergent. Choose something preferably without bleach to avoid damaging any vegetation lining your home. If you’re unable to cover certain plants with plastic be sure to thoroughly wet them, as this will prevent harm from soap.

If, however, you suffer from mold or mildew buildup you will want to utilize a small amount of bleach. Mix one part bleach with 10 parts water and wipe the cocktail directly upon the affected area. Do not use the pressure washer with the bleach/water solution.

Technique is also important. In order to maximize your effort, begin with washing the home from the bottom up, waiting about 2-3 minutes for the detergent to work its magic. Once washed, you should then rinse the home from the top down, which will offer the best chance to thoroughly clean your vinyl siding.

Again, if you’re leery about handling power washing yourself, we’ll be glad to help. Just call 401-739-1001 and we’ll be on the other end ready to satisfy all your vinyl siding cleansing needs.

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