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“Our thought, our song
Will not die, will not perish…
Oh there, people, is our glory,
Glory of Ukraine!”

Taras Shevchenko.

Normally we like to share information in the RIHI Blog about special events, how to make your home more comfortable, or even a family recipe. But today we are witnessing an extraordinary and horrible situation unfolding in Ukraine. But as families do, they come to the aid of each other with the circumstances requiring selfless and charitable acts of kindness. And for the people of Ukraine, the world is responding like family does showing both material and emotional support. And from support comes the courage to carry on in the face of adversity.

One way we can all help and provide direct and immediate support to the people of Ukraine is through AIRBNB. For the foreseeable future, AIRBNB has suspended all fees for renting a property in Ukraine. To provide financial support, all you need to do is use the link below and rent an AIRBNB in Ukraine for a minimum of one night.

The benefit to the owner in Ukraine is that they will receive the total amount of the rental (because of the fee waiver by AIRBNB), the funds will be deposited into their account typically within 24 hours, and emotionally they will feel the support. And to enhance your efforts, email RIHI with a confirmation of your itinerary. We will match your reservation to double the property owner’s amount from the rental.  Here’s the AIRBNB link: https://tinyurl.com/5d4h5sxk

In addition to the AIRBNB opportunity, there are many other opportunities to support the Ukrainian people. Here is a non-exhaustive list of organizations that are asking for assistance. Donations can be made through the links to their websites or social media pages.

Here’s how you can help the people of Ukraine: NPR

On behalf of the RIHI family, we thank you for joining us to help the Ukrainian people during this humanitarian crisis. No matter how large or small is your support it provides a lifeline to the Ukrainian People to help provide the resources they need to survive, but more importantly, it shows them they are not alone. The support they feel will keep the spark of hope alive and give them the courage to continue to fight this horrible injustice. Thank you!

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