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Homeownership is one of the most rewarding experiences in our lifetime. But at times, owning a home can feel like never-ending maintenance where every time you feel everything is handled a light bulb breaks off in the socket or the toilet starts to leak.

Simple Home Repair Tips

Simple Home Repair Tips

Now when these small but annoying problems pop up, we all know it doesn’t make sense to invest the time and money to call a handyman. So, what’s a frustrated homeowner to do? Take a few minutes and solve the problem yourself with common household items you likely already have around the house. To get you started, we have a few simple hacks to share that will give you the confidence to handle some of these little but annoying problems.

Have you ever broken a light bulb while it’s still in the socket? Frustrating right…did you ever think of using a potato? All you need to do is cut the potato in half push the soft side into the broken bulb and turn it counterclockwise until the broken glass is embedded into the potato. And don’t forget…first turn the power off!

Need to remove a stripped screw? Place a rubber band over the head of the screw before trying to remove it with a screwdriver. That adds extra friction, allowing you to remove the stripped screw with ease.

Do you have some annoyingly squeaky doors and cabinets? So, you don’t have any type of WD-40 spray handy, no problem. Any sort of cooking spray will help remedy the situation and provide you peace and quiet. Simply spray a small amount on the hinges and the creaks and squeaks should be gone in no time.

As you can see, most often, there are items you have around the household that will help repair those small but annoying projects. For more household repair hacks, the following link provides you over 50 more tips that will give you the personal satisfaction that you handled the problem like a pro.

Simple Home Repair Hacks – Simplemost

And if you don’t see a repair tip here, we have one word of wisdom we’ll share with you…Google.

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