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Typically, homeowners think about old drafty windows as a Fall Checklist item to make sure they’re ready for the long cold blustery days of Winter. But a Spring check-up is just as important to ensure your windows are performing during the rainy Spring Days and the heat during the dog days of Summer.  Older windows can become leaky and energy inefficient, and that’s why it’s important to do a thorough check to see how those windows are holding up. Here are a few thoughts from the team at RIHI on getting started:

Give Your Windows a Good Cleaning

The best place to start is by cleaning your windows as dust, dirt and other debris can be stuck to your windows and frames which can cause windows to break down faster than they normally would when they’re kept clean. All you need to do is get some soap and water or a recommended cleaner from the manufacturer and thoroughly clean them. Of course, if you have second-floor windows and lack the proper equipment to stay safe you may want to hire a professional. Once your windows are clean, it’s then time to give them a thorough inspection.

Inspect Your Windows Inside and Out

When checking your windows, it’s important to look carefully at the condition of both the interior and exterior of the window. If there are chips or cracks in the glass or gaps and cracks in the seals it can cause water and air leaks which can lead to higher energy costs, water damage inside your home, and even the growth of mold. A visual inspection is a great start, but again with second-story windows, you may want to consider having a window pro like RIHI assess if repairs or replacement is needed.

Test The Operation of Your Windows

Over time, the hardware on your windows can wear out and cause the windows not to open and close easily and properly. Now it’s possible that simply by lubricating the moving parts can remedy the situation or you may have to install new hardware. Depending on the age and condition of your windows, you may also want to consider replacing your windows as manufacturers are constantly improving the aesthetics, operation, and energy efficiency of their products.

At RIHI we understand the importance of having windows that perform well and add beauty to your home. And with our free, no-obligation estimates, we help homeowners all over New England determine what is the best solution to meet their needs.

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