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(800) 474-4493

As each day passes, we continue to see the unthinkable tragedy unfold in Ukraine. The senseless loss of life, families being torn apart, and a once vibrant nation being reduced to rubble are some of the unimaginable results of the invasion. As a family business, everyone here at RIHI understands the importance of coming together to help each other out.

By helping in these fund-raising efforts, we can all show the people of Ukraine that they are not alone in their struggles to survive, and ultimately rebuild. By all of us doing our part to help we can provide them both with monetary and emotional support. And it’s this support that helps inspire the incredible courage the people of Ukraine have shown to carry on in the face of such adversity.

To this end, the RIHI family, in partnership with Razom, would like to invite you to help us by donating to help fund critical humanitarian war relief and recovery. By simply clicking on the link below you’ll be able to make a tax-deductible donation to Razom whose sole focus is to help the people of Ukraine. Thank you for being so supportive of this important cause and we encourage you to pass this link along to family and friends who can help with this important fundraiser.

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